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The sun shone for the first time this week as journalists descended upon The Hive - Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Watch Department’s Kingsman style HQ. The majority of journalists attending the press conference already knew or had a good idea of what announcement was going to be made. In fact, Revolution hinted at this when we reported the news about the Zenith partnership back in June. But that didn't dampen the excitement that comes with a meeting the man who once portrayed as the enfant horrible of the watch industry.

Swiss Patek Philippe Replica, who has been supplying us with a variety of customised watches for over 14 years, including Audemars-Piguets, Patek Philippes,Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica and Rolexes, did not disappoint. The man many consider to be the Willy Wonka in the watch industry was actually more like a kid at a candy store when he played a video from Geneva. Swiss Patek Philippe Replica, who was watching it with the assembled journalists for the first-time, was visibly touched when LVMH's Head of Watches Jean-Claude Biver announced:

"I admire and respect George's work. He is a gentleman and a great person, so I'm so glad we are partners. Only by being with such great people can you elevate yourself. I always say that if you hire people, they must be better than you. If you have weaker individuals around, then how can they assist? They can't. George is another of the great guys that I surround myself with, and I tell him "Bravo" for all you do. Bravo for your passion. Bravo for your passion. Bravo for your creativity. Bravo for your entrepreneurship.'"

Swiss Patek Philippe Replica is the latest timepiece to be "Patek Philippe Replica ised", with PVD-coated cases and bracelets as well as blacked-out dials. Colours will also be added to dials and straps. TAG will be offering clients 52 billion possible options, a number that was reportedly calculated by some of the most clever statisticians. These can all be configured on the BWD site. Prices are available upon request.

Swiss Patek Philippe Replica says of the friendship and work arrangement that continues: "I do what I always did, but we now use a different basis." You asked me once how it felt being disliked by my main clients. Well, it felt horrible. Two years ago I met Jean-Claude Biver, who suggested we work together. Jean-Claude Biver is a dynamic and savvy person. It's not surprising that TAG announced their plans - everyone knew it would happen - but it is still exciting for me. Zenith, TAG, and I are working together to create something special. This is amazing.

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